Finito takes centre stage at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Ray and Denise David are enjoying the sunshine and hospitality of Sanctuary Cove aboard their Whitehaven 7500 Sports Yacht Finito, after an epic month-long voyage starting in their hometown of Darwin.

Savouring time onshore amid the bustling Marine Village, they are preparing their superlative Whitehaven motor yacht for sale at the 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24 to 27 May.

Finito will be the centerpiece of the Whitehaven and Integrity display at this year’s SCIBS, hosting VIPS, guests and show patrons over the four-day boat show.

The Davids started their most recent voyage on Good Friday, departing Darwin for the first leg of their trip, 1,280 nautical miles to Cairns, non-stop over five days.

“Finito didn’t miss a beat. It was smooth sailing the whole way,” said Denise. “Then the weather turned so we stayed put at Cairns marina and enjoyed two days seeing the sights. It was strange being the smallest motor yacht for a change, as we were berthed in the superyacht marina.”

The next leg, the Davids “meandered to Townsville”, then on to Bundaberg where they sampled some of the local specialty during a tour of the Bundaberg Rum distillery.

They cruised south to the Gold Coast, making progress according to tides and weather, keeping a look out for marinelife as they travelled.

“We saw a few dolphins, massive schools of tuna, a couple of turtles and a submarine – which was a surprise,” said Denise.

“We could have ploughed through the conditions and made it down from Darwin in 10 days, but we did the smart thing and waited for the weather to clear. You can’t walkaround drinking your coffee when there’s a large swell!”

Now, comfortably ensconced at the Sanctuary Cove Marina, Ray and Denise are preparing Finito for display at SCIBS.

“We have mixed feelings about selling Finito,” said Denise of their intention to sell their one-of-a-kind Whitehaven. “We have absolutely loved this boat and we have had a ball using it. But I have so many creative ideas in my head and I want the opportunity to explore them in our next boat.”

The new Whitehaven, likely to be named ‘Baroque’, will be “1 metre longer and a foot wider”, Denise said.

“We need to accommodate a bigger tender for fishing around Darwin, and more fuel for when we travel to the Louisiades in PNG.

“The layout will be the same as it works to well for entertaining and living. I will probably change the colour palette as well, just because I can. But other than that, it’s really about the creative design and build process, which Ray and I just loved being involved in.”

In the year that the Davids have owned Finito, they have ranged far and wide in their immaculately custom-crafted Whitehaven.

“A highlight would be the trip to the Kimberleys for two weeks. It’s a magic place. We went about 400 nautical miles to the Drysdale River. The waterfalls and the landscape are sublime, and the sunsets are incredible.”

Ray praised the Whitehaven team for their ability to direct the build and work with owners to incorporate their input at every stage.

“We enjoyed getting absorbed into the experience. The Whitehaven mob is a good bunch as well. Nothing is too much trouble. We are still ecstatic about Finito. We just want everything bigger!”

Finito will be open for inspection at SCIBS, and Ray and Denise will be in attendance to meet prospective Whitehaven owners and inspire them with the compelling highlights of their Whitehaven Journey.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to show off Finito,” said Ray. “It’s the 30th edition of SCIBS and everybody will be there. Boaties who know their stuff will appreciate the engineering, design and freedom owners have to bring their vision to life.”

Inspect Finito at the 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24 to 17 May.