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Whitehaven is a luxury brand to reflect your identity. “We have developed an Australian-designed boat using Australian building techniques with master craftsmanship. It’s the marriage of many years of bluewater boating experience and the latest design and finishes to achieve exactly what you want in a boat.”

Your Journey Your Whitehaven

Customisation is key to the Whitehaven ownership experience.

Clients have literally a blank canvas to work with the company to hone layouts, every detail and optional extra, to make the boat they can proudly call their own. The journey is as satisfying as the result. Whitehaven owners have the ability to personalise every aspect of their build, hand in hand with the expert designers and master craftsmen. The outcome is a truly bespoke vessel that perfectly reflects your personal boating lifestyle. Ownership confers on you the opportunity to visit the Whitehaven factory, to share in the build process, not once, but twice during production.

You will receive a comprehensive “Navigator Pack” covering every aspect of your boat and the Whitehaven brand promise, enhancing the ownership experience. In addition, you have access to 10 skipper days per year, which you can choose to spend five days at your home location and five days on a Whitehaven in the Whitsundays. Bliss!

No other brand offers this level of personalisation and exclusivity during the entire production process and extending into your many happy years of Whitehaven ownership.